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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Dipped in Melted Chocolate

This week in chocolate class, we made Chocolate Cake with chocolate collar. I choose star patern because my daughter love star shape :)
First measure the height and how long the cake.
Then, I brushed white melted chocolate into big star shape. After all dry, pour melted dark chocolate and spread all along the collar (as long as cake ). Wait approximately 5 seconds ( until chocolate not to runny). Lift it up and bring to the cake. Push to the side cake carefully. Secure the end. Put in the fridge. After it set, you can peel off the collar carefully.
Meanwhile prepare the strawberries and dipped in melted chocolate. Decorate with desicated coconut or white chocolate. Arrange the fruits on top.

Tips: Work quickly with chocolate, once it set to hard, chocolate will break. But you can still repeat the process. Make sure you have enough melted chocolate to spread the collar.
Use hot knife to cut the chocolate.

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