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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fairy Cupcakes for Bianca

Bianca wants her cupcakes decorated with Fairy theme. Pink Icing on the top with crown and flower and sprinkle creates this cute cupcakes. Also they like my new recipe of my chocolate cupcakes. Thanks Steph for your repeat order :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camaro Car Cake for Paul

Amy ordered this Camaro Cake for her boyfriend Paul who turns 22 last Saturday. The plate number matched with his car TOLI88.
Thanks Amy for your repeat order :) Hope you guys love the cake.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Open Up Birthday Cake for Caroline, Sherly and Setiawan

Ineke order this cake last week via email. She wants to use edible image for the picture, but not enough time to order the edible image. So I just print the photos and laminate them and stick them on the icing.

Also I want to try another technique cake decorating from Planet Cake book, where the cake has the opening like burst on the top. It was quite fun to make this cake. I took few picture when I was making this cake, but I missed 1 step which is the first one when you have to put 2 circle from fondant on the top cake.
Please see my previous posting below :)
Thanks Ineke for your repeat order

Step by step making open up cake

Kali ini mau coba tehnik baru dari bukunya Planet Cake untuk bikin kue yang ada bukaan di atas kue.

Step 1 : Cover kue dengan ganache atau buttercream sampai halus.
Step 2 : Giling fondant dan buat lingkaran kira2 diameter yang pas untuk kue . Untuk kue ini aku pakai cutter kira2 diameter 8.8 cm . Buat 2 potongan. Taruh di tengah2 kue. Bagian paling atas di beri syrup atau air sedikit saja. Sorry yang ini nggak ada fotonya, aku lupa ambil fotonya :(

Step 3 : Cover cake dengan fondant dengan cara biasa. Setelah tercover semua, buat potongan seperti di gambar, jadi nanti ada 8 potongan segitiga. Memotongnya jangan sampe ke dalam cake, hanya sampai lapisan ke dua fondant saja.

Step 4 : Angkat pelan2 dengan pisau kecil dan buka bukaan segitiga tadi. Karena tadi bagian atas lingkaran sudah di beri syrup atau air maka fondantnya jadi lengket dan jadi seperti ada 2 lapisan.

Step 5: Ini jadinya setelah dibuka semua. Siap di dekor. Untuk tengah2 aku kasih cachous warna silver. Dan sisi-sisinya di dekor dengan motif polka dot warna coklat.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LV Bag for Cassandra

This was the first cake order after I came back from my holiday in Indonesia. Karen called me last Wednesday afternoon. She needs cake for her cousin on Thursday ( the next day). What a last minute order. Lucky I still have the edible image and the chocolate fondant. She picked up the cake on Thursday night after work. Thanks again Karen for your repeat order.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to make roses with 5 petals cutters

I made this roses using 5 petals cutter.

First you have to make the cone for the roses base. Make a rose bud with single petal, and then 2 petals.

Roll gumpaste/flowerpaste and cut with 5 petals cutter.

Put the flower paste into sponge and frill the edges with bone tool.
Put little bit flower glue only one side of the petal.

Insert the rose bud with the wire into the 5 petals. With the glue the petals should be easy to stick to the bud. Arrange the petals overlapping.

Hang the rose upside down to until dry. In 10 minutes ( depends with your weather) you can check the petals and arrange again if you want to make open roses. You can put tissue or cotton between the petals to support the petal so it will open.

The Roses ready to use for decorating. You can put glitter or petal dust. In this roses I made the bud slightly darker than the outer petals to make it more realistic.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gold roses

This roses made with single rose cutter and glued one by one. After it was dried painted with edible gold colour.