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Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to make roses with 5 petals cutters

I made this roses using 5 petals cutter.

First you have to make the cone for the roses base. Make a rose bud with single petal, and then 2 petals.

Roll gumpaste/flowerpaste and cut with 5 petals cutter.

Put the flower paste into sponge and frill the edges with bone tool.
Put little bit flower glue only one side of the petal.

Insert the rose bud with the wire into the 5 petals. With the glue the petals should be easy to stick to the bud. Arrange the petals overlapping.

Hang the rose upside down to until dry. In 10 minutes ( depends with your weather) you can check the petals and arrange again if you want to make open roses. You can put tissue or cotton between the petals to support the petal so it will open.

The Roses ready to use for decorating. You can put glitter or petal dust. In this roses I made the bud slightly darker than the outer petals to make it more realistic.

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