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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lausanne's Fresh Market

Every Wednesday morning and Saturday morning, there were fresh market on Rue de Bourg area. Near St Francois bus stop. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruit also flower from the gardener. The price is not bad too compare with the supermarket.

Fruit stall


If I look at Swiss roses size they are super...big, and pretty with their long stem.

Chocolate shop near Mc Donalds

Have some rest enjoying strawberry sundae and cheeseburger hahaha..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cheese Fondue at Lac Sauveblin

The cafe located near the lake.

Cheese Fondue. You can taste a bit alcohol in it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blondel Chocolate at Lausanne

When people think Switzerland they think Chocolate. So I found the chocolate store called Blondel just next to Laduree.

You can smell chocolate instantly you entered the store. You can taste the sample too :)

oohhh chocolate...

Boutique Laduree - Lausanne

After watching Masterchef with Macarons tower from Adriano Zumbo, I am very curious what macarons are. And lucky me..I found one of the best macaron shop here at Lausanne. Other shop that very famous with their macarons is Pierre Hermes at Paris. But you can find Laduree at Paris as well. Here is their website Laduree

Boutique Laduree - Lausanne
Rue de Bourg 3
1003 Lausanne, Schweiz
021 312 79 00
Very easy to find. Stop at St Francois bus stop and take a little walk behind the church, and turn right. You can find this small beautiful shop.

Look at those Macarons tower

Me :)

The inside Laduree. Pardon the pic, my son's head on the bottom :D
Very nice inside, even the lady there keep the door glass very clean. I saw them wipe the glass just before I entered the shop.

I bought 4 macarons from Laduree. The flavors was Chocolate, Rasberry, Mint, and Orange Blossom. They are sooooooo delicious. Not too sweet for me. Perfect.

Raspberry Macaron with raspberry filling
Crispy outside and gooey/ chewy inside.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cake shop at Lutry, Lausanne.

Vincent cake shop at Lutry

After about a week at Lausanne, Switzerland , I am feel a bit craving with anything sweet. Everytime I passed patisseries here, my eyes can't stop looking at their window hahaha. The shop so beautiful and they put everything looks nice, and you can smell the cake as well :)

On Saturday, we went to Lutry to see winery there. And while waiting for the train, I notice that few people walking with the blue and white stripy cake box, so I thought it must be nice cake shop around where I stand. So I look around and I found it. The cake shop just around the corner. It called Vincent. So I came in and look inside and can't decide what I want to buy there. Everything looks nice and yummy.
And these what I bought that day :)

Strawbery Mousse Cake with different decorations. I can't remember their name, but it seem the same. Sponge Cake with mousse inside hehe...
When I bought this, I just say strawberry mousse with my finger on the cake to show the lady the cake what I want. I can't speak french and the shop keeper can't speak english too so..just say strawberry mousse and she gave me this cake hahaha.

Chocolate Mousse Cake