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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cake Decorating Course Week III

Making small flowers (Lily of the Valley, forget-me-not, blossom)
1. Blossom and forget-me-not
Using blossom cutter, cut the flower paste and push the centre of the flower gently using ball tool and foam. Cut the stamen in half. Dip the top into flower glue, and insert in the centre . Dry up side down overnight.

2. Lily of the Valley
Roll out the flower paste, and make a blossom shape using medium blossom cutter. Make a small ball and stick in the back of the flower with flower glue. Push the centre with frilling stick gently. Do not push to much. Insert the stamen in the centre (don't forget to dip the top to the glue...). Dry up side down overnight. After dry you can arrange the flower.

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