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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family gathering

We had our family friends gathering 2 weeks ago. Every family brought 1 dishes/food to share. I made " Ayam goreng mentega " and " Nasi kuning". I also brought Quiches which is very easy to make.

And the wives asked me show how to make "Bolu kukus " and "Chiffon Pandan Cake" while the fathers took the kids to the swimming pool. Oh what a great fun and relaxing time, without the kids around he..he.. we should do it again girls :)
The main things are all the cake was a huge success. We even made 3 batches of bolu kukus (Steamed Cakes) in two hours. And every family got a lots of cakes to bring home. Sorry I don't have the photos as I forgot to take the picture..to busy with eating and chatting hahahaha..
I will post the recipe later , sorry :( it's almost 1 am in my place.
Recipe for Mini quiches taken from here. You can modify the filling as you prefer. This time I put corn and ham plus little bit chives on top.

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