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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yay..goodies from Japan

Finally..these goodies arrived safely from Japan. Remember my sister who order cookies from me?. She was so happy with the cookies and she even asked me for the recipe. And she can bake by herself now. But the taste little bit different because different ingredients that she used. But she is not worry about the taste because they are delicious too. Cookies are easy to go to empty stomach he..he... Her family love it. As return she send me lots of lots bento making dan cooking stuff. As you can see I got cookie cutter (pooh and kitty), hello kitty egg mould (for bento), bunny cutter, lunch box (for my kids), cupcakes liner and many more..
Thank you so much Mbak Tiwi...next time I will bake you another cookies twink twink ^_^

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